The following is an area where different individuals express theirselves with their words. It may be between a youtube channel, some spoken word/poetry or a podcast this is where you will hear about peoples modern day life how to grow as a person or just to laugh. 

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She graduated from Norfolk State University getting a Bachelors degree in Political Science. . For now,  She is  pursuing another passion as a freelance make-up artist and YouTube beauty influencer. Her channel mainly focuses on plus size beauty, the affordable hair market, and makeup reviews and tips. She loves what she  does and loves being able to give all of her  beauty tips to so many people and hope to one day become a brand. 


The Birds The Bees and Other things

This humble and so soulful woman has been crafting her work for some time now.  She tells you about her past experiences with love, altercations and even sex. You are in for some laughter but also some knowledge is spoken to you as well from her but also her peers. She will have you sitting on the edge of your seat waiting to hear  more of what she has to offer. Her third eye is open so make sure yours is.

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The Vgz Podcast

Vgz stands for  Versatile Genius. The Vgz brand is a lifestyle brand dedicated to highlighting and showcasing the finest Gz of America in their chosen disciplines and crafts.

Whats your genius?  We not Enemies, We Vgz


Souul Views

SouuLViewz is a new interview platform for all local artist in VA. The mission behind the brand is to give all artist a fair opportunity of exposure. By creating more depth conversations, I want to really give the artists a way to express there genuine beliefs, passions, and messages behind the art they make. It’s a lot of talent in the area, as well as a lot of room in the game. Why not give exposure to as much people as possible?


For the Culture Podcast

For The Culture Podcast was curated and founded in Virginia in 2017. Created by Treyski, Dro, and Ru, FTC was crafted to shine light on diverse cultural matters from the perspective of intellectual black men. FTC takes pride in having the voice of the people, and gears our message to be both able to be related to and marketable to the age brackets of the millennial generation. With the FTC Podcast: you get music knowledge, cultural entertainment, touchy topics, and satire. We are here to educate and enrich the lives of our audience while creating an outlet of elevation in entertainment for ourselves. We are actively working on branding For The Culture Podcast to an active lifestyle brand of apparel, television, and more! We ask that our audience come on to our platform with an open mind. We strive to create excellence in everything that we do, and believe that we are able to shape the culture with our forward motion. For more information on appearances, podcast information and more, please see below for information for our social media and email. Twitter: ForTheCulturePC Instagram: ForTheCulturePC Email:


Henny Mike

Michael Warren is a artist from the Bronx,NY but he currently lives in Petersburg, Va. He has been rapping and writing for about 4 years in a two man group called “Henny Martin”under the name HennyMike. He has music available on Spinrilla and Audiomack under the name “Henny Martin”. He also has a well known podcast called “It’s always happy hour” that I have been doing for a year now it’s available on Apple podcast and Spotify This podcast just focuses on modern things going on in the world with many different discussions. He is just a hard working young man trying to better myself for his family and future.


Omar Derr

Omar Derr is a Married man, a Father a Youth pastor/ counselor and associate minister since 2002 .Truthfully he hates doing bios because they are often fake only showing the good stuff. the truth is his story is messy with tons of mistakes , past and current (yikes) he wasn’t and still is not perfect . 
In his years of counseling and talking with people of all ages he has found that many are surprised of that confession and even more are floored by the next statement:
He cares about the things that concern you and nothing is too ugly to bring to him.
The Grace and Mercy of a very real and loving God reached him when he was unreachable . The big, aloof and angry God he was told about all his life in church turned out to be a lie.

This is the motivation behind “HEY OMEEZZIE!”In his corporate training job people would pop into my classroom and ask “HEY OMEEZZIE can we talk?” And they would ask all kinds of questions that make church folk uncomfortable  to talk about smh. he has learned from that ,that if you’re real and honest people trust you and are easier to reach.