Atm Suave Interview with Souul Viewz

A Petersburg, Va native known as ATM Suave sat down with OG Souul and the Souul Viewz as he expresses the many things that have brought him to the point where he is today. He furthermore explains the the meaning behind the word ATM and and how it all originated, while also showing his place of his own individuality and how it is shown in the world. He then expresses everything he’s been through and how it would motivate him to the point where he just decide to start making music off of his experiences. Very humble guy and a very appreciative guy he expresses that anything Virginia related and of course 804 related he is supporting because he loves his VA people and does not mind showing love to people. For this young man this is just the beginning for he will continue to press forward and continue to rise up and continue to do what he does leaving a huge impact on this world. He expresses that he partnered up local artist such as WHYNOTduce just to create and make great music that will last a lifetime. So as you listen and pay attention to this young talented guy’s interview just understand the great type of person he is and what his music brings.His debut project Free Suave will be releasing very very soon. Check out the interview With the Souul Views via