Female College basketball Athlete Records Quadruple-double

Grambling State guard Shakyla Hill put on a complete show in the win over Alabama State. She recorded a huge quadruple-double, making her only the fourth player in NCAA Division 1 women basketball to do so. This magnificent performance was the first in almost 25 years. 

Hill entering the game was third ranked in the country in steals. She did most of her work and complete game in the second half. In the second half alone she had eleven  points, seven rebounds, seven assists and six steals. She went six of eleven from the field, which was her good shooting from behind the 3-point line and good work at the free throw line. This girl was working so hard that she had a triple double with still two minutes left in the quarter. She went on to add two more assist with one of them being to Monisha Neal with a dagger from the 3-point line. The Tigers went ahead and beat the Hornets 93-71 with the amazing job from their junior standout. That Black girl magic is nothing to play with.