Emmit Till Biopic is soon to happen with the help of Taraji P. Henson and John Singleton

Most people know about the horrible death of the 14-year old boy Emmit Till. White supremacist was the cause of this act by tieing his body up at the end of a pickup truck while driving multiple miles. Then decided to dump his body in a local river. HIs mother made sure that his funeral was an open casket to show what those people have done to him. Many have had plays and documentaries about his life but no biopic until now.

Taraji P.Henson and legendary director Jonh Singleton are coming together to tell this young man's life. Many others such as Will Smith, Jay z, and Chaz Ebert were in thoughts of the biopic but wasn't pursued heavily.  The strong team of Henson and Singleton are going to make the lifelong dream come true.