University of Chicago honors Dr.Simpson with Statue

A women by the name of Dr. Georgiana Simpson was paid tribute to on Tuesday November 28th 2107. Dr. Simpson was the University of Chicago  first African-American female Ph.D. graduate  and the second black women to be awarded a Ph.D. in the United States. She was honored with a statue.

Dr. Simpson enrolled for undergraduate studies in 1907. Of course she witnessed and experienced racism as soon as she arrived to the campus. A couple of white females students protested that she should not be allowed to live in the same dorm as them. With many upset students that lived in that dorm resulted in a some of the students to move out. What she did, like many other African American students, she took extra classes during the summer in order to avoid many  of the white students.

After she obtained her undergraduate degree in 1911 she later returned in 1917 to start her graduate studies in German philology.While she continued to live on campus, seemed like controversy would not leave her. She was living on campus during the Chicago Riots in 1919. In the year of 1920 the university's president. Harry Pratt, made a gesture that she find an alternative place to live. At this time she was 54 years old. That situation ignited the nation to debate on how African American students  should fit in at major schools. So, Dr. Simpson left the campus.

She didn't let that stop her because she got her Ph.D in 1921.After graduated she went right back home to Washington,D.C. to teach high school studies. With so much recognition around her led to Howard University  offering her a teaching role in 1931. She stayed there and taught for almost 8 years. She passed away at the age of 78 in her home.