The following is are where individuals express themselves a different way which is behind a camera or creative design. While a great creation that is  being made you will most likely never know who is the mastermind behind it. Very creative minds and deeply thoughtful individuals make awesome art.

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Souul Photography

He started doing photography for the idea of  being able to bring alive his own visions. The art form of photography has always interested him in the aspect of making something so simple look so dope. Not to mention working with models who are also very creative themselves with poses and ideas, which can come together to make dope images


DDubs photography

 Danielle is a 20yr old  upcoming photographer located in RVA.  She has had a passion for photography because she loves  seeing and being around confident men/women and capturing beautiful moments of life. New to the photography business, she  actually started taking pictures of models/ upcoming models Dec 2016.  Photography is something she goes to when she needs to escape from the real world. She wants people to be able to see parts of her life when I’m vulnerable so hopefully they can find inspiration in my life. Being that he has battled with depression & anxiety, she has always looked for inspiration at her  lowest times and it definitely helped her to keep pushing and stay positive. She loved a camera and figured that it would be great to start something that will not only help her express myself but also inspire and motivate other people. Still finding out what all she has  to offer the world but is more than welcome to anyone that would like to follow her on her journey to the top. 

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Digital Trappin

Digital Trappin is a group of young artist from Maryland & Virginia, that wants the samething in life & that's to make it.  DTG (Digital Trappin Gang) was started by Eazy Visuals (Jamie Baldwin) & Co founder Olympian Beats (Trevon Green) just a little over a year ago but the group isn't just rappers or singers they also provide photographers,producers,videographers & graphic designers. Digital Trappin has formed a partner ship with the music group H$2x out of petersburg which includes  artist such as $mackHeem H$, TrelleyTrelle & The “Streets Hottest Youngin” Leek H$. They are looking to grow everyday & branch out as much as they can to bring artist together for positivity & not hate.