Be{YOU}tifully Natural

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Be[YOU]tifully is a service based organization that promotes self love and confidence in minority natural hair. The vision is to break existing professional,social, and internal barriers through alleviating the stigma of natural hair. They are devoted to making minority girls and women of all ages feel Be-YOU-tiful about their natural hair. They intend on achieving  this by reaching out to young girls and women in the surrounding communities through service and mentorship. They strive to transform the negative perception that society has of natural hair in social and professional settings. Whether it be kinks,curls,coils,or locs they want girls and women to be confident so that they may flourish in their natural essence, "One curl at a Time."

Lamar West


Lamar West was born in Petersburg, Virginia. At the age of 10 he was saved by Christ. Coming from a historical religious background and family, his purpose and destiny was noted early. Growing up he engaged in the normal sports and childhood activities. Living life under his own law. At age 16 he encountered an experience that changed his life forever and switched his focus to dedicating his life to the Lord full time. From here, this sparked him to write his first book entitled Disciple In America. He published this through his business that he launched in 2014, HDP Writings LLC. A year later it was re-published as a childrens book by Black Eden Publications. It is now back to its original format under HDP. Lamar is a senior attending Radford University, majoring in Media Studies. He aspires to be a faith-based film writer, book writer and song writer.

There have been hundreds of books on religion, racism, education, and government, but this book has proven to be one of a kind. The book tackles numerous imperative subjects in today's society and presents solutions to many of the issues in our country today; all through following Christ. This God inspired book discusses how to balance being an average teen, and a God fearing disciple. How to deal with societal issues by following Christ. Through this book you can learn how to truly be a Disciple in America.

Ali Shabazz


Ali becoming a barber has always been in his blood. He has literally grew up in a barbershop, his dad opened his first barbershop in ‘97 and he was born in ‘96 so every weekend he was there. As he got older his dad taught him how to cut hair. He did it in middle school so he can always have it as a skill just In case he goes off to college to make some extra money. Everybody expected him to be a barber since his dad owned multiple shops and he was always around helping but him being the great person he is, he tried to make his own lane but after dropping out of college twice and getting arrested his dad took him under his wing once again and made him a receptionists. After a few months he had to make more money so he made the decision to just get behind the chair. Only a year later he is the barber with the second most clientele, thanks to already having a name and following in this area but his skills improved by just trying to become a better barber than his dad. The more he progresses, he plans on teaching classes, cutting at different shows, and opening up more shops along the side of his dad.