I learned that courage was not the absence of fear,but the triumph over it- Nelson Mandela





WHYNOTduce is a up and coming artist from Sussex County, Va. Who thrives in story telling and harmonizing melodies to grasp the attention of the masses. His latest drop which is titled “Two Sides to Every Story” entails his trials and tribulations from his previous living experiences. His influences include Young Thug and J.Cole. I know there is a broad range for these artist in comparison. However, WHYNOTduce seems to bring the two worlds together to deliver a stellar project. Please enjoy.

Rizzo Da Great

Rizzo Da Great is a Musician/Entrepreneur. His music is on all Major platforms. He always has New music coming soon He says it all started with a memory saying “I didn’t take music serious until one day I was at the studio I was about 13yrs old , I just got finished recording a song called the Dark night,I don’t remember the lyrics but I remember the name of it. But it was fire especially coming out of a 13 yr old.” The Continues saying “long story short a Guy walked in ‘smooth as can be nodding his head while he was walking in.he asked the producer Say homie , who is this.?” As the conversation continues “dude turned his head and looked me straight in my eyes & said lil homie you special don’t “stop doing what you doing” stay down Remain patient... your plane taking off soon” I can look at your eyes and tell you ready and hungry don’t let up.” Ever since then he has been at it nonstop. With so many inspirational sayings such as “Anything is possible”,“Be yourself”,It all started from a MP3 player & my big brother” this young cat is up next.

Shad Antonio

Shad Antonio's First solo project "You Gotta Feel Me' Shows his creative side and how he can switch up the vibes and genre between each song. He wanted to bring all of his feelings of what he has been through in his life so far between relationships. He wanted to bring a old school sound with " Don't Lie" to a pop appeal with " Want You", just to show the balance between other genres and show all of his artistic abilities and talent. He loves making music for others and for himself. Music gave him a way to get away and live in his own world as he creates something magical. The fantasy through my music brings him peace and happiness . This is just the beginning expect so much more to come as he grows in music and continue to create magic. His brothers " The VGz" have a lot in store for 2019 and he knows they have the ability to take over the game. Another secret people may not know the last few songs recorded he was very sick and under weather but that wasn't going to stop him from recording so when you here songs like "Don't Lie" and Want You" but that shows the heart and joy of music to push through all obstacles.


OG Souul

Before the Ep is just a lil something I wanted to give the people before my actually project I’m working on. I feel like there’s been too long of an absence from me music wise, and I had some tracks in the tuck I wanted to drop so I did. I kinda feel as if the people have been waiting on me to drop something lowkey, but I also know I can’t be going away for too long. With that said though my respect for the craft and really taking time on my work is what’s important to me the most. So, yeah, I hope everyone enjoys it until I’m ready to drop some more soon! (OG Souul)
- Souul Season

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